Group Lessons

Everything you need to know

Group lessons will help your child learn and have fun at the same time by interacting with their classmates. Group lessons must meet the following requirements: all members of the group must attend the same grade and school; up to 4 members.

  1. Get your group together, pick a group name (make it fun!) and sign up for Lesson 0 (optional). The Zoom consultation is FREE and lasts approximately 15 minutes.
  2. If the group decides that we are a good fit, choose a contact person who can go to plans and pricing and purchase a Group Tutoring package.
  3. The contact person will receive a link to schedule the lessons in the Hispania calendar. Be sure the dates and times that are picked suit all group members.
  4. Be sure to look over the checklist and get everything ready for the lesson!

Get the team together and sign up for group lessons!

What could be better than learning a new language – learning with friends!